Tuesday, December 04, 2007

...Still bogged down in 24 plus cm's of white hell out this way. Seems the whole eastern states and Ontario has been blasted good, with the most snowfall in one dump in five years. That most certainly puts an end to any metal detecting for the year. Add biking to that list too. :-( It's a good thing I've got a shit-load of hobbies to delve into for the next few months. That's of course if I can find enough work in the mean time to pay the rent, phone, hydro, ISP and a little food and toiletries on the side...I'm starting to feel the stresses of NOT having a regular type job again. EVERYTHING we do or want to do these days requires money and usually, quite a bit of it. The small wage earners and low-income folks all across the land, are hurtin' big time because of the way the government has run and allowed to be run, this great country. NO REGARD for the poor, despite the false, media style promises, we all hear. Street people DIE in our cities every year and THAT is disgusting! How can ANY government who says the are for the people, let those same people freeze to death on the coldest days of the year.

I've rubbed shoulders, on more than one occasion, with various street people. I've stood in lines with them and eaten from the same soup kitchens with SO many different types of folks who were in dire straits. Many a time a tear has come to these ol' eyes as I watched others, way more unfortunate than I, deal with their lives and have seen that they are WAY tougher than I think I could ever be in their situations. VERY few of these people are there because they want to be. Like me, they are there because they HAVE to be. They (including me) are not very welcome in very many other places.The old rule of NO money, NO funny, is a VERY true fact of daily life for these destitute citizens of our new, non-caring, non-loving society. What tragic times we are in,despite the fancy footwork from the gov'mt and the media, to keep it all rosey lookin' out there...

* There, Rant off for now... :-)

Yesterday being snowed-in internet Monday, I hooked-up to a few more blogs and forums. There are a few steps to take at each one of them but it only takes a few minutes to do 'em after you've done a couple and it's all worth it. In one sense, I'm meeting others with a few similar ideas about a few specific things. Getting to know some of these people a little. On the other side, they are getting to know me too. The kool part is that I get to tell them selected stuff only. We all only know what each one of us puts out there on these forums and blogs. All of it could be bogus as far as that goes even. See my little point though? A decade ago I built my first web page so that I could tell folks about the Outdoors side of life and how they should check it out and see what it's done for me. Many folks sent me e-mails or signed my guest books to say they loved my little outdoorsy pages and some even started up a correspondence with me that has lasted a few years and helped us to really exchange info on the web.

So all in all, a web presence is a GOOD thing in any form, for those of you who weren't sure! :-) One of my blogs, perhaps this one, will start to focus on that aspect of my life, away from the Outdoorsy side a little more. Stuff like, how to go about making real money from the Internet, how to get SO much stuff for free that you will be able to sell some of it and earn a little ka-ching for yer pockets. Stuff like, FREE Classified ads that PULL like a Hoover and last forever. How about learning a little more about Super Nutrition, on a tight budget, with minimal effort? Or, do you think others would be interested in say, Secret places not far from your home, where you can do ALMOST anything and not have to fear repercussions?

See where I'm goin' with this other blog twist thingy here? Lord knows I've got reams and reams of solid material to share with people who need and want to know. I've got the skills required to get powerful data out to the whole world now, not just my local town any more. I think it would be a safe bet to say that this humble blogger, could keep both blogs going pretty good. Especially now, that I've hooked-up the "comments" function in here for you and your buds to carve your own little piece out of the internet pie, without the need for a web page or blog. YOUR comments left on my blogs gets seen by the whole world too ya know. It's kinda like a free ride opportunity for you and yer pals that share my interests...

Speaking of some of my interests, how about these old dude's,eh? More copper in those than about ten or more of the modern garbage they call pennies these days. One is a 1853 US one cent coin and the other large penny is even older, vintage, 1848. Feels real neat to hold a coin that old in my hand. How many times has it changed hands before it found it's way to me? The other largish one is a Thurston the Magician coin, vintage 1928 and it was pulled out of an old park in the west end of Ottawa, off Richmond Road about ten years ago and treasured ever since. :-)

The little silver guy is an old King Edward 5 cent Canadian coin. It's often referred to as a "fishscale" in coin jargon and it's the smallest coin Canada ever made. The hat badge (if that's what it is) I pulled out of the ground while metal detecting the old Grove in Stittsville about 13 years ago. It's in super shape and the patina is just awesome..

Any of you readers collect cool old coins like these? Leave a comment about 'em in here if you do, I'd love to hear about them. ;-)

Oh, by the way, I've been workin' on yet another, similar to this, more personal type blog, in the last month or so. Ya, I know, I can almost hear you asking, why would a person need more than one blog, or website or e-mail or even fishin' pole for that matter? Well,if I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that question... I'll elaborate on that little point in a future post but suffice to say here, ya can't have too many, of certain kinds of stuff, in life. At least not out there in the real world where I live anyway. ;-) You see fair reader,I got it started when I got a gig through People Bank, my favorite temp organization in the whole darn city of Ottawa. They had sent me to a big retain chain and I ended up workin' there with two other lads from PB and together we got a big job done in good time. Everything was flowing so well in fact, that it inspired me to record some of those bits and pieces of workin' with an able bodied crew that works well together and knows how to work as a team on the internet. Soooo, that's how that bit got goin' and now of course, I have to see if I can Keep'em goin' and try to maintain an interesting content to boot. Oh ya, and, try to get enough jobs to keep the rent man and his buddies the phone guy, hydro man, my ISP, (Storm.ca by the way, for a little free plugging to share a great provider with others) the bus driver and the grocer, all happy and everything. Man, life can be a tough go sometimes,eh? Good thing there's ton's of good stuff too though, to balance it all out in the long run.

So anyway, here's the link to this other blog of mine, where ya now get to meet one or two of my friends and learn about some of the neat folks I've had the pleasure of workin' with over the years. Of course there's another good whack of some ever present Outdoorsy stuff over there too. So here ya go peeps. Slip over and check it out to-day. Enjoy! :-)

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