Sunday, June 28, 2009

Inversion Therapy for Back Pain...

Anybody out there with a sore back?

Well, I for one, have had my share of back problems over the years. I KNOW just how much pain that can consist of and how it affects everything. How you walk, how you stand, sit or lay down, for that matter. Well, fellow sore back suffers, This idea looks like just what I have been lookin' for all these years!

I've experimented on my own body/back, with a few different things to ease my back pain and I've found that hanging for a few seconds from my doorway, seems to be the closest I've come so far, to this cool system. This Teeter unit looks a whole lot easier.
Anyway, check it out. Seems like a lot of happy people think it works pretty good on them. ;-)

Inversion Therapy for Back Pain - Do Teeter Inversion Tables Really Work?

Hmmmm. Any Teeter Dealers out there in the Ottawa area? :-)