Thursday, October 29, 2009

Toronto singer dies in Cape Breton coyote attack

Very Sad story to share to-day...

Such a tragedy...

While visiting this amazing young woman's Facebook page earlier on, I broke down in tears. Trust me, I don't cry often. :-( I really found myself filled with a deep sadness for Taylor, as I read some of the things which she had talked about as well as some of the responses from others, on her wall. :-(

The chances of this ever even happening are very slim and yet it happened. Coyotes do not usually attack full sized adults but then again, they're just animals. Probably very hungry, therefore desperate, animals. Unfortunately Taylor's story sheds a little more light on just how fragile and unpredictable, life can be, for any of us. Here's the story I put up on my little Facebook wall, right after visiting hers.

Toronto singer dies in Cape Breton coyote attack

I also shared Taylor Mitchell's story with the people on Twitter this morning so that a few more folks could feel for this young woman with So much going for her, right up until last Tuesday. Go and read her Facebook stuff too, if you have a little time. You will see for yourself, just how her life plan, was working out just the way she wanted it too. You'll see that her goals were being met and she was really starting to make a difference out there, and get recognized for it. She was doing everything right folks.

We are all sort of like a burning candle I guess. We don't know how big or small that candle is, nor do we ever know how long it will burn. We also NEVER know exactly When or How, it will burn out or blow out, or get snuffed out. Therefore maybe, like Taylor, we should ALL perhaps try to live each day doing the stuff we enjoy the most because as we know, Life Is Short...

R.I.P.Taylor Mitchell! Thank You So Much, for the many wonderful times you've shared with us in the past. You have warmed many hearts and will warm many more in the future, as we listen to your gift to us all, your beautiful music...


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Know It Is Possible To Live With Zero Money, Abundantly...

What an interesting title and website...

While touring around the web a little tonight, looking for not necessarily Outdoorsy stuff, I happened to stumble onto this very different way of thinking, type of website. It could go a long ways towards opening the average public's eyes and ears, if it was passed along. So, I'm passing it on, to you, my gentle reader. Maybe You will care to share it as well. :-)

I Know It Is Possible To Live With Zero Money, Abundantly...

I've done a little of some of the stuff this man does, myself, so I can relate to lots of what he's talkin' about pretty well. He's got some great quotes which I've (coincidentally) personally used in the past, on there too as well as many hyper-links that will get you thinking, a little more...

Take a cruise over and see what I'm goin' on about, if you've got a few minutes to spare. ;-)

If you'd like to see what he's been up to, just check out his neat blog over at Zero Currency... and get a better feel for this interesting man...

Quite the concept, eh? Living a Happy and Fulfilling life, without the almighty dollar controlling your every move. Man, that's got quite a ring to it, for this ol' rebel puppy anyway. ;-)

Oh ya, one final thing. As always, Do Not be shy about posting a comment in here or on Any of my blogs, ever. I just LOVE to get input from folks like y'all! :-)

Have a good one,


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birthday fishin'...

Ottawa River Fishin' trip...

Thanx to the planning of my two good friends, Jack and Arthur, I spent the past week-end with them, fishing the Mighty Ottawa River! Although I was sworn to secrecy by Captain Jack, about the exact spot where we were fishing, I can say that it was a number of miles downstream from Petrie Island. :-)

It didn't take long for Jack's Walleye tracking skills to put us on to some fish on his slick Eagle "magic box" out there in the 25 to 35 foot range. The current there is fairly strong and of course, I had nothing in my box that weighed more than a quarter ounce. So, like a good skipper would, Jack set me up with a heavier jig head, a cool white curly critter plastic body and dressed it up full tilt with a beautiful Emerald Shiner. Woa! Now that's what ya need out here, says I. :-)

The next flip into the wind and water, I let 'er sink on a semi-tight line and felt a slight ease-off with about fifty feet of mono out there. I lifted the rod tip slowly, keeping a nice gentle bend in it, until it showed that my set-up should be a foot or so off bottom. Just swimming there, slowly in the current. Tap! Bang! Bang! YA! Fish On! :-) The hook is well set and the fish is coming up nicely under control. Thrash, splash, thrash! Scoop! In the net like it's supposed to be done. Nice eater, what?
River Wally...

In all of the excitement that followed, I regret not getting a decent shot of Arthur's first ever Sauger. The good part is, I lucked out and Pentaxed him with his first ever Channel Catfish. :-) Mostly, the poor guy so far has had to content himself with some nice messes of Trout! :-)

Cat Man Dooo...

To prove that there is indeed a healthy population of Sauger in the Big-O, my man Jack, reeled this puppy in and held it long enough for me to Digitize it for y'all! He's usually pretty quick about getting fish back in the drink or in the box so I'm pleased to see this pic turned out swell. :-) Nice one there good buddy!

Nice Ottawa River Sauger

One of the reasons I really love fishing the Ottawa River, is the variety of fish it holds. You never really know what you are going to catch, on any given day, at any given time. :-) How many of you have ever laid eyes on one of these fellas? Better yet, how many folks out there have ever hooked and landed one of these really neat looking fish?

Big Eyes...

This was one healthy looking and acting fish my friends. It's called a Mooneye and he had quite a few similarities to Trout, now that I come to think of it. A real sort of "pretty" fish, if you know what I mean, jelly-bean. ;-)


Of course what good trip doesn't end with a really good fish, eh? My friend, Walleye Jack, knows his stretch of this ol' river real well and comes up with decent fish even when others don't. Despite the stiff competition from Art and I, we never even came close to beating his best for the trip and as you can see here, it Was a Good'n!
Here's a Hog-Eye...

Congrats on such a fine fish Jack-man! It was great being there in the Legend with you and Art, when that fatty came aboard! :-) Hey dude, we could pretty well send this shot to Ontario Out of Doors or Outdoor Canada or somebody. They like these kinds of shots for their covers you know. ;-)

Well, to make a long story a little shorter folks, this fine fishing adventure on the Ottawa couldn't have come at a better time for me. Yup, you got it. I just crossed another threshold in life. Birthday time again. Another decade has now come and gone. How else would a life long fisherman like myself, better spend his special day, than with special friends, on the water, fishing? Thank you Art! Thank you Jack! You've provided one of my best Birthday presents ever! :-)

You've helped to get my spirits rising again after going through a pretty rough last few weeks. Thanx to you boys, my attitude has risen more than a few notches and my positive energies have started to really flow again. Man, it's a powerful testimony of just what fishing and friends and fresh air, well mixed together, can have on this ol' Outdoorsy dude! <})))><

P.S. Mrs. Walleye Jack sure knows how to treat people like they are somebody! Gotta LOVE those country gals, eh! :-)

Have a good one,


Sunday, October 11, 2009

My little Adpost ads...

So here's a link to a neat place called Adpost, where they let you set up your own Classified Ads, in one spot. This links to my little page over there so that You can see what's going on with my stuff...

Larry's little Adpost ads...

If You find that you like the set-up with them, get one going on for yourself too. Remember, it's all FREE! :-) lb

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Facts of Fishing - News - Young Canadian Wins AOY

Cool Canadian Bass Fisherman, cleans up...

O.K. so what do you get when you add the magic of the word Stren to the power and range of the word Shimano and mix it up really good, with a 20 year old Canadian fishing kid, that is just an amazing and dedicated young man? Well I'll tell ya right here and now, if you haven't heard already. :-)

You get Chris Johnson, the '09 Angler of the Year on the Northern Division of the Forrest L.Wood (FLW), Pro Bass trail, that's what! :-) No kiddin' here folks! This young man is Rockin' the Bass Fishing World

Hottest Canadian Basser!

What makes all this Really Cool to me, is that Chris is a proud young Canadian from Peterborough and this was his rookie year as a pro on the money trail. Now That totally smacks of Super-stardom to this ol' bush-puppy! :-)

Go and read the write up over on Dave Mercer's awesome website and check this Hot Canadian Stick out to-day...
Facts of Fishing - News - Young Canadian Wins AOY!

Being the First Canadian to do That, is Quite the record too! :-) Large ConGrats to You Chris Johnson!

Tight lines,


Saturday, October 03, 2009

More Outdoor Lady stuff...

I Love Outdoorsy Women!

Tami Curtis Bassin'

As you may already know if you've been reading any of my blogs, or even my last post, I have a thing for Ladies who Love the Outdoors. As a matter of record, I've even been married to two of them! :-) These Outdoorsy inclined women, rank as high up there as it gets on my scale of what constitutes a really fine female. There is just something very, very powerful, to do with respect and admiration for what they are willing to put themselves through to be Outdoorsy types, that pulls me like high carbon steel to a magnet, towards these awesome girls.

Today I want to share another little Outdoorsy Lady with y'all. This sweetheart pictured above is none other than Tami Curtis, an amazing girl from Texas that catches Bass like she was born to. She's very consistent on the tournament trail and has been in the Winners Circle before too.

Here's a hyper-link to Tami's cool blog so you can see what she's been up to. Tami Blogs too... Oh ya, I almost forgot, she's on Facebook as well, if you want to look her up over there and maybe become friends too. :-)

Watch out for this young woman during the 2010 season on the FLW circuit. She's goin' places! :-)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Peace Pilgrim Biography by Marta Daniels

A Very Re-Energizing read...

If to-day you feel that you need a little inspiration in Your life, then don't wait a moment longer! Go and read about this most wonderful and awe inspiring woman, one could ever hope to meet on the road, right here.
Mildred Norman Ryder

Reading this marvelous write-up, got me Googling all kinds of "living without money" websites and there's tons of 'em out there! Eureka! Is this something that has been right up my alley for years, or What? Living on the fringe. Our daily adventures. How to be free! Peace Rules! Truth prevails, etc. etc. etc.

Yup, go check out this real story of a real woman, who did such an amazing job of spreading the Truth, wherever she went. The Peace Pilgrim has most certainly left us all, Much to chew on...

Peace Pilgrim Biography by Marta Daniels

Thanx go out to-day to all of You, for dropping into my little blog here on the web! I LOVE getting visitors! :-) lb