Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Facts of Fishing - News - Young Canadian Wins AOY

Cool Canadian Bass Fisherman, cleans up...

O.K. so what do you get when you add the magic of the word Stren to the power and range of the word Shimano and mix it up really good, with a 20 year old Canadian fishing kid, that is just an amazing and dedicated young man? Well I'll tell ya right here and now, if you haven't heard already. :-)

You get Chris Johnson, the '09 Angler of the Year on the Northern Division of the Forrest L.Wood (FLW), Pro Bass trail, that's what! :-) No kiddin' here folks! This young man is Rockin' the Bass Fishing World

Hottest Canadian Basser!

What makes all this Really Cool to me, is that Chris is a proud young Canadian from Peterborough and this was his rookie year as a pro on the money trail. Now That totally smacks of Super-stardom to this ol' bush-puppy! :-)

Go and read the write up over on Dave Mercer's awesome website and check this Hot Canadian Stick out to-day...
Facts of Fishing - News - Young Canadian Wins AOY!

Being the First Canadian to do That, is Quite the record too! :-) Large ConGrats to You Chris Johnson!

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