Sunday, October 12, 2008

Outdoorsy Caps...

Caps R Cool...

What's your take on Baseball style Caps as headgear? Here's a little bit of what I've got to say about them...

For starters, this particularly well designed and very comfy tan cap, is a John Deere tribute type unit for me. These folks have been serving the little guys Well, all across the country for a long, long time. Your Grandfather may even have had one of their first tractors back in the day. The design and positioning of the panels on this cap, seems to really fit the shape of my head well but they even have a nice adjustment arrangement at the back for when that's needed. :-) Like up North here when we wear Hoodies to keep our ears and neck warm, this cap fits right over the top if ya wanna wear it that way, or backwards even. :-)

The bill itself is a little longer than yer standard caps bill length, which gives you more glare free coverage for your eyes. Along with my trusty Polaroid shades, this cap gives me the best glare/reflection free combo, for Fishing sunny waters, that I own. ;-)

Still John Deere

I got into wearing baseball style caps, back in the days when I was working behind the Fishing counter at Laurentian Trading Post on Bank @ Walkley in Ottawa, many years ago. The McDonald Brothers, that owned and ran the Post, were Very hep Outdoorsy people themselves and carried the coolest, most up to date Outdoor gear back then. It was an honor for me to work there with those boys doing what I Loved best and the people around me who understood where I was coming from.
As it turns out, there was even a lot of recognition there by happy returning customers. After a few months, near my birthday, the Lindy Tackle Company sent me one of their limited edition, Proficiency Award, Baseball style Caps, in a nice yellow flavor as a perk. Well Sir, I immediately and madly, fell deep in LOVE with it right then and there. Yup! Large Fishing Cap obsession bugun right there behind that awesome old Fishing counter. That semi-famous cap stayed with me for over twenty years and it was a sad day when we finally parted. :-(

However the neat thing is, that great Cap got me hooked on these baseball style caps as very efficient fishing headgear. Up until discovering caps, I either went bare headed as a teen or later on, I wore one of those, side pinned up, camo flavored, Ausie style, Doug Hannon, bush type hats, for my outdoorsy pursuits. :-) I've never worn anything But these Fishing (formerly called baseball) caps since, on the waters and in the woods.

Caps are Cool in general but I wanted y'all to see this one in particular to-day, that I just acquired recently and I had to give it a 9.9 on one of my Cool scales, already. :-) I'm calling it the Crusher Nike or Nike Crusher, haven't quite decided yet, because I can fold it all up small-like, to go into small places and then I unroll or unfold it, and suddenly it looks and acts like a regular, yet Very Cool Fishin' cap once more! :-) I Love it!

Nike Crusher Crushed...

Caps Can and Do, make all sorts of folks look Cooler! That's an undisputed factoid friends. If you're not yet into this Cool fashion statement for Your head, what in tar-nation are y'all waitin' for, Christmas? :-)

If you are or have been perhaps say, a one cap man (or woman) up until now, maybe this little blurb here can Sway You towards a little, shall I say, attire expansion, for Your head. After all, your face and head are what most people look at when they are talking to you, eh? Why not let 'em see some cool stuff sittin' up there on top of yer ol' melon, every once in awhile? Then they won't have to ask why You are wearing such a nice smile. You can upgrade by taking into consideration, mostly form, fashion AND function, :-) Another neat Cap or two can only make ya look and feel Cooler. Go for it!

Nike Crusher Rockin'

Peace out, brothers and sisters!