Sunday, February 05, 2012

Still kick'n in 2012...

...and the fog slowly lifts

So like ya, it was pretty well touch & go there for quite awhile in my little world and of course my blogging suffered badly for it as you've no doubt noticed eh.:) Sometimes life can give ya a real brutal shake, a harsh reality bite, if you will. How we handle those painful times are a measure of our true character and make us stronger for the experience. Making it through bad times is indeed some of the hardest things we'll ever do,depending on how hard the times are of course. The important thing is to never, say never. Never, ever, give up.

Things in my neck of the woods are beginning to look better again. Praise God! My health is almost where it used to be ten or fifteen years ago. I'm certainly getting in my share of heavy exercise and muscle toning and also it must have something to do with what I've been trying hard to feed my body in the last few years. Even on a long and very low budget, I've managed to enliven my gently aging body with powerful and natural, live cell building nutrients, while also cutting way back on foods that I know are bad for me, and you for that matter eh. It's all pay'n off in aces. :)

I intend, like in the past, to share some of my power foods experiences and pictures in here in the coming months, now that I've regained a little chunk of semi-stability and my mind can go where it want's to, instead of where it has to.

I hope your health is better than good my friends. Maybe you can add something later on, to my lists of power foods that you've had success with too?

Special note of Thanks and all the best to You folks that have hung around, waiting for me to get this wee blog thingy go'n again. You are awesome! :) 10-4