Friday, October 02, 2009

Peace Pilgrim Biography by Marta Daniels

A Very Re-Energizing read...

If to-day you feel that you need a little inspiration in Your life, then don't wait a moment longer! Go and read about this most wonderful and awe inspiring woman, one could ever hope to meet on the road, right here.
Mildred Norman Ryder

Reading this marvelous write-up, got me Googling all kinds of "living without money" websites and there's tons of 'em out there! Eureka! Is this something that has been right up my alley for years, or What? Living on the fringe. Our daily adventures. How to be free! Peace Rules! Truth prevails, etc. etc. etc.

Yup, go check out this real story of a real woman, who did such an amazing job of spreading the Truth, wherever she went. The Peace Pilgrim has most certainly left us all, Much to chew on...

Peace Pilgrim Biography by Marta Daniels

Thanx go out to-day to all of You, for dropping into my little blog here on the web! I LOVE getting visitors! :-) lb

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