Monday, August 11, 2003

Hi there folks,

Man, time sure flies around here. Like I was thinking that maybe I could blog say every two or three days, when I first hooked-up with the Blogger...However, as the calendar can prove, it has been over a week since my original post and where in the heck did the darn time go? Sheesh, the older I get, the more this seems to be the case. Is life speeding up? I thought you were supposed to slow down when you get older? Hey there it is, I'm not getting older, I'm just getting better. Ya, that's it, ya,ya. :-)

Been busy touring around some of the local bushy areas on my MTB and seeing tons of really beautiful wildflowers almost everywhere I've gone. Years ago I would have spent about half the day taking pictures of these very same plants. Now, I simply fill my eyes and nose with them, as I pass slowly through them and you know, I don't even feel the need to be Kodakin' these beauties anymore. They are to be enjoyed live. You can't capture their delicate scents with a camera, even if it's a digital camera. Been real busy on the web too, once I get home from Biking or working at my evening job. There is so much stuff on the web that I'll be busy for the next decade or two arranging for lots of it to get to you, if you'd like to be privy to some of the most powerful stuff ever, allowed to be used by the average guy or gal. Anyway, here is a link to my little Biking website. Biking with Larry

Can anyone think of a better "exercise unit" than a bicycle? Keep in mind of course that a bike is one of the few mobile, as opposed to stationary, pieces of high-tech exercise equipement out there.

Here is a Question or two. Who is or was your Favorite Martial Arts Movie Star? Who is your favorite person in your real life? Can we all find love? Again? After having lost it and so much other stuff along with it? Do you have a website? Business or Personal? If you want me to visit it, if you have one, or if you have a blog page, post the URL in here and I'll check it out, asap...

Is everyone too shy to post, or am I totally boring to you folks who have been here for a long time?
Anywho, I've gotta blaze.


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