Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Holy Mackeral....

Where oh where did the time guy go? Where oh where can he be? Well, we're finally back for another little post here on this koolish guy's wee web log. Being Canadian I have to deal with cold stuff for a few months, so I've developed a pile of little things to make the white season seem a lot shorter for me. At least 6 of my hobbies can be enjoyed indoors. When it get's really cruddy out, I escape to my studio and delve up to my armpits more or less, in some of my long loved passions. For instance, I've collected artificial fishing lures since I was about 8 or 9. Fishing has kept me clear, all these years, when I've had to live in the middle of megaopalis at times and had to suffer the burdon of modern day, society based, stress assaults and constant negative onslaughts, on a daily basis. Much like you may be doing to-day, even. No wonder those week-ends feels so good, eh? ;-) Anyway, I posted a little note to some of the boys over on one of the best spots I know of for fishing related/old tackle matters, the other day. I told 'em I had a neat 'ol jointed wooden plug, made by probably the most recognized and collected branded names in the lure business of yesteryear, at least. I was offering it for sale there because there was a LOT of daily traffic going on. Also, people were buying, selling and trading and even just posting comments about some of the items, on a steady, daily basis. I'm going to head over there right after I post this to you guys and see if there has been any action on my little woody. I do a lot more stuff too and I want to let you in on some of it in the next post or three. PLEASE, do not be shy about posting a note in here, anytime. You people out there, my visitors and guests, are why this blog has been set up. It's to help get more folks interested in getting into a great way to meet other fine folks and sharing a little piece of themselves with others. It's all good. Don't be shy.... :-)



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