Friday, November 16, 2007

Sweet pocket stuff...

Here's a recent picture of three of my teeniest lock-back knives. Although they may look like mere toys to some, you can bet yer boots that I've put them through their paces and all I can say is that these little beauties totally ROCK!

The little boy on the right was purchased along with it's twin by my very best buddy Bruce and I about four years ago and mine has been in my pocket all that time. I've lost track of how many times, and in how many places, this slick little blade has helped me out. In the woods or in the city, this mini knife has SO paid for itself. The two studs on his left are my more recent scores but they have already proven to be very effective, efficient, carry anywhere-ish and totally economical to boot, so a bright guy simply can't afford, NOT to own one of 'em. ;-)

Anyone else out there do little pocket knives? Drop me a note if you want, I'd LOVE to hear from any other blade fanciers too. :-)

Be good y'all...


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