Monday, November 12, 2007

Where did October go? Man, I know my Birthday was in there somewhere and everything but still, the whole month has just flashed by! Here's a couple of little pics I took recently to show some of the projects I'm workin' on and some of the gear I use. Lately the big kick has been in the fine art/science of EDC's. More on those later, but for now, have yourself a peek @ some of the shit I'm into in these shots...

Essential Woods Gear...

Here's a kool little fire-stick or ferro rod to get you fire, a tiny but powerful white led light or torch as they are often referred to by Outdoorsmen and a real slick mini lock-back that lives on my keyring every day. All this power in such a tiny pack...

How 'bout this freaky little Mushroom I found out in the deep woods last week? Anyone ever seen this wicked little shroom in their travels? Drop me a note about it if you have. I'd love to hear about it and maybe what it is called etc.

Here's a very Soft kid leather, low-key, go anywhere, belt pouch, with a sample of some of the gear that travels in it. The twonie shows the size of everything so you can see that it's all pretty small and unassuming.


More later friends,


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