Saturday, May 10, 2008

Doctored Lures...

So did I ever mention that I liked to tweak fishing lures before? :-)

Well. fact is, I do. I love it. Here's a set of pics to show new angles covered to make these lures perform better. Various things are done to various lures to get them to catch MORE fish for me, under the conditions that I fish, at least. It somehow feels better to catch a fish on one of my tweaked lures than it does to catch 'em on a box stock, lure. Maybe it's just me, but thousands of fly-fishermen would probably understand where I'm comin' from with this...

Tweaked Plugs

Flip side, for your viewing pleasure...

Doctored Lures

That's it, that's all.



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Mike said...

Hello Larry, just visited your Blog and read the "Doctored Lures" post. I as well "doctor" my lures to suit my fishing color needs. I was given the idea by an Australian who I purchased some lures off of. He had mentioned that an old fisherman told him of the trick. He advised me to take a white Rapala and paint the bottom yellow and then add black dots to the solid color. This is no problem for me as I am an automotive painter and have every color available to me under the sun.

After I finish the modifications I clear coat the lure for protection and I let them dry over night. I use them the next day with great success on the Bow River.

Thanks for the great post,

Mike @