Sunday, November 15, 2009

Every Day Carry or EDC

What do you carry with you, every day?

Last year I wrote a post to do with that topic, on one of my other blogs about EDC stuff, at Kool Keys...Of course I'm sure you know that EDC stands for Every Day Carry and means just that. What's in your pockets or on your person on a daily basis? There are tons of Cool gizmo's out there these days so it would be neat for me to see or hear about, what You EDC. The best forum on the net is actually called, EDCForums and can be found right here. What do You EDC? Go check 'em out if you like gadgets and stuff. ;-)
Key Ring EDC

That gizmo at the top of this pic is a "Lucky" Secure-A-Key that clips on my belt and has been a daily companion for a couple of decades now. It's just awesome! :-)


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