Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Our Canadian Fishin' Gal...

Christine Cope - Canadian Fishergirl...

Lucky for me, I met Christine Cope online a little while back through our common interest in Fishing and Communicating about it. ;-) I usually recognize talented people when I meet then in life and this young woman stood right out from the start. Long story short, I've been admiring her and respecting her more as I get to know her more, through for instance, her generous Outdoorsy Tweets on Twitter, where this cool little Outdoor Lady is well known as, none other than,@Snagthis :-) Don't ya just Love it?
Now Snag This, she says!

Even More treats for y'all to-day! If You like lookin' at great pics of real fine fish, awesome scenery and cool fishin' gear , hit Chris's Blog up right here at Christine Cope... and get ready to be Wowed! These are real fish you're seeing, caught from local-ish waters by real fisher people, who work hard for their success on the water.

Now, I don't know of him as well as I sorta know Christine but I think Justin seems to be able to kind of keep up with her most times out there. :-)

This then is Chris' photog and good fishin' bud, Justin, one of her many fishing friends. :-)
Justin Hoffman
Nice Green Bass!

Jeepers Chris, ya got him lookin' pretty danged good there! Nice work! :-) Hey dude, this fishin' lady really handles that camera well. ;-) I think this series of shots you guys put together, at least, should be making the rounds out there in the Outdoor mags like Ontario Out of Doors and Outdoor Canada and of course Big Jim McLaughlin's must have paper too. :-) Seriously! What a great Bassing slash Photog team y'all make! :-)

So again my fair readers, to help share more really, really Good stuff across the net, I'm super glad to have Christine's fishing friendship and I'm thrilled to spread the word out there about her and other Girls who LOVE to Fish, when I can!

Tight lines,


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