Thursday, December 13, 2007

Well, o.k. then, it does sort of look like I've bitten off a bit more than I can chew, as far as keepin' up with all these websites, blogs, and forums goes, on a fairly regular basis anyway. :-( Man, ya know there just aren't enough hours in a day to do all ya gotta do these days! I guess my time management skills aren't quite as good as a lot of other people who do probably ten times more than I do in a day. Oh well, I'll just keep tryin' to blog when I can...

Because the rent monger still hasn't been satisfied yet, I've been spending whole days, Kodakin' some of my little Collectibles, photo-shopin' them, then gettin' them out and posted to 2 of my favorite FREE AD places. I love these places because they are both local and that can save you LARGE in shipping costs. So anyway, they are, Kijiji and of course,Used Ottawa.Used Ottawa by the way, was where my buddy LarryS, got his great Pit Bull awhile back. I zipped over, checked 'em out and hooked-up right then and there and in about five minutes was posting neat little FREE ads, with slick pics to boot! Awesome. Thanks LarryS, you know yer shit there buddyman!

Here's a sweet and very old little China tea cup for any of the ladies out there reading this. It is a Limoges, made in France, probably just after the war, or at least it looks that old to me, but then, I'm NO China specialist! If anyone can correct me, I'd be happy to read your "comments" in here. :-) I wish I had the saucer to go with it but seeing as I don't, hopefully someone on Kijiji or Used Ottawa, just might need this beautiful, fragile, vintage cup! I'll be posting a few more fine bone china pieces in the next day or so over there too, so you can watch for them if ya dig old china...

Limoges Tea Cup

As I was saying, I'm putting on a MAJOR push right NOW to get enough stuff sold quickly to help pay for my rent. SO, if YOU like cool little collectibles, maybe you could tour over to those 2 free boards and see what I'm almost giving away, and scoop up some goodies for yourself possibly... :-)

Anywho, later,


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