Sunday, December 16, 2007

This picture was taken from a Treasure Hunting Newsletter that comes to my inbox twice a month. The owner, Floyd Mann, is a very recognized person in the TH'ing field and has been giving away this high quality newsletter for a number of years now. He assured me in an e-mail that it would be fine to share a picture or three from his newsletter, if I wanted to. So, I do want to and I think this is a GREAT way for us all to start our day and to be ensured of a smile on our faces! So fair reader, get ready for a wee laugh on my, up to now, mostly fairly serious, little bushy flavored blog. Thanx to the total generosity and caring of Mr. Mann, over at,Lost Treasure USA Make sure you slip over to his awesome website if you have any kind of flair for lost treasures, you will NOT be sorry. Floyd's webite IS a treasure in itself. Nuff said, time for your laugh....

Hope that worked up a nice smiley for YOUR face like it did for mine. :-) It is my firm belief that we ALL need to laugh more, everyday! It's like sort of a sign that we are having some kind of good time. It also lets others around us know that we are happy too and it can even be contagious! Mercy me! :-)

So in the bizz sorta side of my little life, I've been pumping out some of my collectibles on two powerful, local, and free, advertising boards. I recommend them both to anyone that wants to sell anything and do it all for free. I mentioned them in my previous post so if you've been hesitant to try them, this is to clear that up. You see, yesterday as an example, three people from those boards picked up their neat collectibles from me and ALL were VERY pleased with their purchases and weren't shy about saying so. :-) I even made a new contact through one of them for possible future sales of some of my many Hotwheels cars, at great prices. So, get over there and sell your stuff that you have no use for anymore. The extra cash doesn't hurt at this time of year, let me tell you. :-) As a matter of fact, in my personal case, presently, it is REALLY, really important... :-(

Anywho, another busy day ahead. Glad I'm getting an early start on it. Hope y'all have yourselves a a FINE Sunday...


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