Saturday, January 05, 2008

So, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, we're into another new year again, already. Are you ready for it? Woa, where did the last one go? I've said this before and I'll say it again, it's all true. The older I get, the faster the time seems to fly. That, of course, is a major reason why I'm always preaching for everyone out there to make a little more effort to gather up a little more love in their lives and to get outdoors, into the real reality, as often as possible too. :-) When we were kids, our parents put us outside in the morning, right after breakfast and told us not to come back into the house until they called us for lunch. Man, were those grown-ups organized back then or what? :-)

To-day there's an awful pile of kids are all stuck indoors all day playing stupid video games, while the baby sitter watches soaps and yells at them to quiet down or to play nice or whatever... :-( Is it any wonder then that lots of modern day kids are what I call, sickly? They spend their time in NON Reality land to feed their little brains and eat all manner of "dead" food, provided by their too busy parents to feed them health producing, "live" foods, to feed their little trying-to-grow, bodies.. For instance, did you know there is a grain/seed type of food out there which provides ALL of the 8 things our body needs to effectively produce healthy new cells? Did you also know that this very same food is NOT used in at least 75-80% of American and Canadian households? Google "millet" and do a little investigating of your own on this historic and powerful food. I've been feeding myself this birdseed for over two years now and I'm still very impressed and also amazed that I had never been told of this wonderful food in the last four plus decades. Why were schools, parents, doctors etc etc keeping this info from me, all those years? Well, like they say, you're NEVER too old to learn. Add Millet and also Quinoa, the other top grain, to your daily food intake and your body will benefit greatly from the addition. :-) Are you a parent? Get your kids starting to eat these grains at an early age and give them a jump on growing healthy bodies and minds. There are a gazillion recipes for these amazing foods on the net, just poke around and you'll find them.

While typing out this bit this morning, the Real Fishing Show with Bob Izumi, came on and lo and behold there's my good ol' fishing chum from days gone by, Big Jim McLaughlin on there. Here's an old scrapbook photo I took a number of years back, while we were fishing Walleye's together in behind the Parliament Buildings, on the shore of the Ottawa River. Even back then, the big man knew his warm water fishing. Feels good that I even knew the guy, let alone had the opportunity to fish with our now famous, past Canadian Fishing Champion. Nice to see him hooked-up so well with my favorite T.V. Personality too. Good one there Jimbo! :-)

Big Jim - the younger days...

Too much! The boys are up in Northern Ontario fishing for Laker's through the ice. Very good show. Big Jim, hand-landed both of Bobby's big fish for him, like any cool show guest would do for a man like Bob. Like always, with Bobby, there were a few laughs in there too like when Big Jimbob was tackling BobbyI and both of them just laughing their faces off and having a great time out there. I laughed my butt off for a minute too. :-) I mean like, two definitely fully-grown men, acting like boys again! Loved it! :-)

Interesting point I noticed. Of all the boys out there on the ice during the whole day of filming, the main man, was the only guy to actually land any fish. Well, that's if you don't mention Big J's tiny wee perch. :-) Just goes to show ya now don't it? You don't get your own top rated fishing t.v. show, just because you've got a pretty face. Ya gotta know how to catch fish, even when others can't. ;-) Go Bobby, my Man!

One day, before I give up the ghost, I would LOVE to spend a day on the water with this remarkable man who represents to me at least, the Canadian version of Al Lindner, the well known tackle innovator/publisher/spokesman/folk hero etc of the American fishing world. Bob and his brother Wayne, just like the Lindner brothers, Ron and Al, fell in LOVE and LUST with the great Sport/Art/Science of Fishing at a very early age and they stuck with it. They lived only to fish. That is how you excel at anything in life, by the way. Develop a LOVE for something and then, get RIGHT into it with both feet and your pedal to the metal...

On another note, some of you know that I've been offering some of my cool little collectibles for sale on two free advertising boards. Well, that has been keeping me quite busy, I'm glad to report. Unfortunately there are a few folks out there who like to waste your time with dorky questions or don't show up after us making plans to meet and complete a nice little low-key sale. But, despite those types of little annoyances, it's all simply numbers and it works out O.K. after all the dust settles. There have also been some amazing clients that purchase extra, but related stuff that I show them when they arrive to pick up what they saw advertised on the boards. :-) Those kool folks make up for the odd doofuss. :-) Do you do Collectibles? Take a tour over to Kijiji and or UsedOttawa dot com and see what's up over there. You might like it...

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