Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring plants to share...

Thought I'd catch you up on some of the plant pictures I've been taking lately. Stuff is coming up SO fast now, that it's getting hard to stay on top of it. I'll keep shooting and posting plant pics until fishing season gets started. Then it'll be time to Pentax a few finned critters, for you to check out.

O.K. here we go, the first plant, of course, is a Wild Violet and it seems to grow in many places. I toss the fresh picked blossoms right into my homemade salads where they add a lovely visual peak to my meal. They also make a fine tea if dried for a few days first and kept in a glass jar. The leaves are also nice in a salad and can also be nibbled on, fresh as a trail snack where ever they are found.

Wild Violets

This little patch of Day Lilies is just starting to pop and I've harvested a handful for a salad addition along with the violets. :-)

Day Lilies

These young Dogs Tooth Violets will bloom in about another three or four days. I'll get a picture of their yellow blossoms in here for you as soon as I score a few. The little tubers of this plant are about 2 or 3 inches deep and are quite tasty if you take the time to harvest a few.

Dogs Tooth Violet

Here is one of my very favorite wild foods. This cool plant hides in the hard-wood areas and can form pretty big colonies if given half a chance. Yup, that's right, these are Wild Leeks, or Ramps as some folks call them.

Wild Leeks

Here's a view of a Daffodil I got to-day that few people practice taking. How did these gets so mature already?


Alrighty then, one last little beauty for y'all to savor. :-)

Blood Root

So that's a start on the plant shoot anyway...

See ya soon,


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