Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What's in your pockets?

Some Pocket Insurance...

Very few people these days carry outdoorsy gear with them on a daily basis. Granted, not much can happen on the way to or from work or the shopping malls, I suppose. A cell phone can usually handle any or all emergencies that might come up these days. I don't have a cell phone so here's a little gear that usually ends up in my pockets and is there ready for me, if and when I ever need it. Of course, I'm out in the bush way more often than your average person, so it only makes sense that I think highly of all this type of stuff.
It also gives me a good feeling, knowing that I can get myself out of most regular jams that would stick way too many folks these days. To me, it's kind of like having a spare tire and a little can of gas for your car. If you ever need either, you'll see what I mean by this. When you prepare for the unexpected, there is very little chance of negative and unexpected stuff happening.

None of this stuff costs very much but can be worth it's weight in gold, when needed.


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