Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Blog by Bourgeois...

Fishing moments...

There is just something VERY Special about Fishing to this ol' Outdoorsman from the rolling hills of Sudbury, turned Blogger. There is WAY more to Fishing than simply holding a fresh fish in your hand. There is certainly MORE to Fishing, than just eating some fish too. Just being THERE, like in the shot above, is where it's at, a lot of the times!

I just recently re-discovered this little blog I had started up over at Tripod, my favorite free servers, in January of this year. It still needs some work to get the photos to line up properly though. So anyway, I've decided to add it to my list of web-work, to try and keep up with, now that I've created it and found it again. :-)

So here's the link to take a peek at a very basic, bare bones, so far, blog. You could bookmark it too so that you can see the changes since you visited last. :-)

Bloggers Blog

Have a good one...


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