Saturday, October 04, 2008

More experiments in photography...


I'm trying something here that I have been wondering about for a while now. Can your older slides be shot now with a Digital camera? If so, how's the quality when you want to put them on the web, after a shoot? Here's a low-light situation shot first, to give You a hint of what this little Camera is capable of. More light would NO DOUBT, make for a better, all around picture of this slide and back-lighting could even be tried too.

Home-made Set-up...

This next one shows the slide being held in my left hand while holding and shooting the camera with my right. Can you then imagine how the quality of the picture could have been improved by using a tripod or uni-pod even and perhaps a holder of some sort, for the slide?

Hand-held shot

A little closer...

So, lessons here to-day...

First, More light is good. Better than not enough light, for sure. Second, use a solid base for your slide. Even if you have to build one yourself. How hard could that be? Third, always use a solid base for the camera itself as well. That will insure basically no movement when the shutter is fired. There are lots of slick little teeny pods these days that fit in your pocket and will boost the quality of any digital camera's output.

Now, if I follow those little tips for my next shoot, then I know the slides will come out well enough indeed to spread around out there on the web. Most of my slides are like, 10 to 30 or so years old. Some of them, I know are nice enough to share with y'all after sitting dormant for all those years on a shelf. Especially now that my little photography experiment here, seems to have worked out pretty well, as far as I'm concerned anyway. :-)

I'll pick through a batch of 35mm slides in the next week or so and put some results of that work in here mayhaps, God willing. ;-)



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