Friday, October 10, 2008

Worm Harnesses Work!

On... Getting to know You, my readers, I just have to ask these few simple questions first. :-) Are You an Angler? Are You an Angler that likes fishing for Walleyes? Do you prefer to cast or troll or drift-fish/still-fish for them? Just artificial lures or do you use Live bait too? Do you chase Walleyes in lakes or rivers?

Well my friends, I'd say that there are probably more known ways to catch those ol' Marble-Eyes, than You can shake a stick @...

Take for instance, This deadly little unit here,

in it's thousands of variations, has been laying "Eyes on Ice" for over a century now. These modern day Worm Harnesses are as deadly to-day as they were in Gramps' day. :-) As a matter of fact, I'll bet Anyone 20 smackers, that this BAD little puppy, will blow the doors off of what was originally invented back then and now which has now been totally improved upon! Twenty Bucks! Any Takers out there...? :-)

Oh ya, and by the way, I'm Not always in favor of the "new and improved models" of stuff in our lives either, just to clarify your thinking on that point there. :-) Another thing I Love about Worm Harnesses is, it's really pretty hard to fish these lures wrong. It's like, put a nice juicy, squirmy, ol' dew worm on those razor sharp hooks, then toss it out in the water someplace and then simply reel or troll it, fairly slowly. Bing bang pow! Fish will Slam it! :-)

A recent talk with my friend Jack, the Walleye Guy, revealed that he has been beating up the Walleyes pretty good in His home stretch of the Ottawa River, for the last two week-ends on these baby's too. So there, this IS current and accurate data, for those of you who need even more proof than what I've told you in here so far already, about Worm Harnesses. Like, They Rock! :-)

Anyway, if you Don't own a couple or three of these Wallis, slaying lures, then I'm tellin' ya right here, to go and Get Yourself a few To-day! Well, if ya wanna eat a few tasty ol' Wallys, that is! Oh ya, and another good thing about these lures is that they won't cost you an arm & a leg either, so Anyone can afford a few new additions to their Wally producing tackle box. Some of us even rig up our own from the short list of simple components too. :-)

...for Next time?

Now, right after saying All of the above, I get to wondering on another note, if you Do already fish with these awesome Pickerel (Canadian handle for these toothsome critters) producers, then I ask, did You ever try trolling one of those old fashioned, Rebel Spoon Bill, deep diving minnows, in your favorite areas? They Spank Big Walleyes, plain & simple!

I'll Pentax a few of my own, slightly customized models, of those particular older Rebel plugs, in a future entry, just so that You can maybe Jump on That particularly sweet little Walleye Gravy Train, on Your home waters in the future too.

Especially, if you've only been used to drownin' worms behind beads & blades and maybe doing a little Jiggin' all these times and You don't have a lot of faith in cranks for Walleyes. :-)

Catch ya on the flip flop,


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