Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hardware for the water...

Hook-em-up Hardware...

Fleck WeedWader Spinner-bait

This hot little puppy is a high quality fishing lure, built exclusively in the United States Of America, for starters. You'll notice the ball bearing swivel that spins it's blade at even the Slowest retrieves looking like a flashing light almost. The blades on the snap can of course be changed at your whim with the sweet little snap attached to the ball bearing swivel. That is a real nice feature if you like to tinker with yer fishin' shit. ;-) Ooops, I mean stuff. :-)

Fleck's Best!

Many long armed spinner-baits can do this little "collapsing" trick, but not too many Bassers utilize it much. I LOVE this feature because it makes slippin' this baby into my shirt pocket, a breeze for when I have to go grey or camo! Also, by holding the back blade and letting the lure hang, this sweetie pie, hangs exactly horizontal, as in perfectly balanced. This killer piece of lead and steel can even be used as a semi-slack line, drop bait, whereupon it slays 'em! :-)

The reason there is no skirt on this WeedWader is, I hardly EVER use any type of skirts, as such, any more. There are just way TOO many deadly plastic critters out there these days, that will blow your skirt right clean off ya if ya marry them to Your S-baits. Pick Your favorite creature or curly tail or craw-body or whatever you already have faith, or should I say Confidence in? Thread it on and watch out. You can take that to the bank too! :-)

Oh ya, one more thing, this little high-test Spinner Bait weighs only 3/16 oz. so don't try to toss that on yer level wind bassin' rig. This is true Spinning gear folks. I use it on 8 lb mono that I watch like a hawk. With a light reel attached to a light action fast taper rod, this lures flies. Great for pitchin' and flippin' as well and I've even caught Walleye's on it "strollin" in fifteen feet of water with a live minnow affixed to it's razor sharp hook. :-)

What kind of Fishing Hardware do You love? Are You a Spinner-bait specialist of sorts? There will be plenty more pictures of various different fishing hardware in here in future installments...

Have a Big one!


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