Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Advanced Coin

Five Star Detecting Book!

Advanced Coin

I did a little blurb about this great detecting book a couple of years ago, over @ on their neat Forum, to help others find more stuff. I KNOW this book is good enough to talk about again, in here, to-day. So, check to see if you can get it from a library or perhaps a book seller. It is starting to get old already ( copyright 1981) and it was published in a pretty small run, so it may be a little tricky to track down, but SO worth the effort expended.

If You are one of those that think you already know about all there is to know about finding coins and jewelery with a detector, then You Really need this man's advice and tips. Patrick shares many innovative things with his readers and his writings caused my coin take to triple the first month I started putting his powerful info to use.

Oh ya, take a poke around THunting dot com's Forum, if you like Treasure Hunting, Metal Detecting and Historical relics. You'll find some very interesting people over there, and every single one of them is into this amazing hobby.

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