Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fishing with Tiki-Sticks By Pete Larmand...

Hot Bassin' Tips...

If You fish Large Mouth Bass, you'll benefit from reading my ol' friend's well written piece on using the Senko style plastic baits, in this case a Wave, Tiki-stick! I, like Pete, love to tinker with and tweak lures to make them work better under varying conditions. I own very few "stock" lures anymore. :-)

This particular article shows y'all a nice and easy trick, that can work for You too. Enjoy!

Fishing with Tiki-Sticks, Bass Fishing Tips, Hints and Advice


P.S. I saw a LM in the 3 pound plus range along the shoreline @ my secret Ottawa fishin' hole yesterday. Hmmm, I have to wonder how long she'll be safe around there. There are some large 'Lunge, known to frequent these same waters. Also it's pretty easy to see her shallow nest now from the newly raped and pillaged shoreline down there now that it looks like a freakin' lawn. ALL of the previous shrubbery, is GONE! Thank you very much, NCC. NOT! :-(


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