Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Some simple sketches...

Did I ever mention that I like to sketch, for lack of a better word, the odd time? Well, I do. I don't know just how many old notepads I have laying around here but each and every one of them has at least a few sketches in it. Nothing very fancy or even particularly good, mind you, but just simply a few ideas that I've put to pen, none the less. Most of them involve terminal tackle but sometimes other stuff is drawn out on impulse or to show someone an idea or how something would work or whatever.

So anywho, here's a peek at my sketchin' style, or lack there of, depending on Your point of view, of course... :-)


So there ya go. :-) Do any of You, do any sketching?



Wolfy said...

I LOVE it! This is what blogging is supposed to be all about - writing about what you love, what you do, what you appreciate.

I really enjoy reading your posts - they are personal and from the heart. there are way too many blogs out here that are nothing but Youtube clips or press releases. Keep on doing what you do - write, fish , sketch


LarryB said...

Hey there Joe,

Thanx for writing in here. We sure seem to have a lot in common, my Outdoorsy friend.

It pleases me to know that you enjoy my posts, as I most certainly feel and enjoy yours too. :-)

Keep on keepin' on Wolfy!