Monday, November 30, 2009

Bass Tackle Freebies...

News Flash!

News worthy or what? Don't miss out on this Amazing Contest folks! Beautiful Bassin' gear is now being given away to folks who like to read Outdoorsy stuff and who don't mind leaving a comment or two on a very enjoyable blog. That's right, my man Wolfy is now running the second part of his Cool Gear Give Away Contests! In this phase, there's a brutally big bag of Bass swag, waiting for one of his real lucky readers, that Loves to fish for Bass. You will hardly believe all of the stuff in this killer Bass Package!

O.K. then, I know you're gettin' pretty excited by now if You are indeed a Basser, So, here's a tiny peek at what Wolfy's put together, to reward his readers, for being there and sharing some of his life with him! Man oh man, I'm just a droolin' over here, just lookin' at these beautiful Bassin' Hardbaits alone! :-)
Just a sample...

Anyway, get over to Flowing Waters... asap and tell my man Wolfy what You think of this, really Sweet offer and maybe his excellent blog too, if ya feel it in ya. ;-) He's like me and many other bloggers out there, in that he LOVES to get comments from folks all over. :-)

The first phase of Wolfy's contest was won by another outdoorsy blogging friend of mine, the Outdooress... who is a real Female Fly Fishin' Fanatic and will certainly wear her winnings well. Rebecca is a very deserving follower of a number of excellent Outdoor related blogs (including mine) so it's Super for me to see her win such an awesome prize for actually doing such fine work herself out there on the web. Well, o.k., there was a Little luck involved maybe. ;-)

One last thing...

Thanx y'all 4 visiting to-day, I appreciate it large. :-)

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Wolfy said...

You're a better ambassadeur for my site than I am!

Thanks for the plug - you know that the "Good Karma" thing worked out on the last Giveaway. The Random Number generator knows!!!!!