Thursday, December 03, 2009

Some needed Shout-outs...

Torpedo Bassin'

Time for a little Shout Out!

Here's a little list of folks that have been communicating with me over the last little while through my blogs or Tweets on Twitter. So to all you great people below, this is a Shout Out to You. Thank You for sharing stuff with me. I'm really glad to know y'all!

This first lady is the owner of a very cool blog which I just discovered recently. Sherri Russel loves sharing the outdoors with other women who haven't had many opportunities to feel Natures power and pull. Her blog at She's So Fly... is just jammed with good stuff that you'll be able to relate to if you like to fish at all. I was just informed that I have won a contest that she is running over there on her blog. Man, how Cool is that then? We just met and I've scored a treat already. Go take a cruise around her blog and leave a comment too if you have a spare moment. :-)

Next is a man called Hawk, who shares his awesome writings about bow hunting and what he feels out there in the bush, on his blog at Hawk... His link is here because his writing moved me in a big way. See what it does for you. :-)

If you like making stuff out of readily available, natural materials, you will LOVE the Fenlander's blog... This dude is so creative. He shows us how to perform simple skills that can be learned easily by visiting this excellent Outdoorsman's blog. What are you waiting for? Get over there.

Another outstanding Outdoorsy woman that you can meet here is Rebecca, who goes by the handle Outdooress... Her recent blog post mentions winning the last Cool Contest over on Wolfy's blog. Was she excited or what? She's quite the cool little fishin' gal and it's a real pleasure to know her. Go see for yourself. :-)

Now, if You are a Bass Fisherman and you're reading this, don't wait a minute longer. Get yourself right over to my man Wolfy's cool blog, at Flowing Waters... because he has an Amazing Contest happening right now. Yup, he's got a Whack of awesome lookin' Bass lures over there including hard and soft baits, that he's giving away! Need more info? Get on this link and join this Very Cool Free Bass Tackle Contest, is about ALL the info you need for now. Go Get 'em... :-)

So there you have it. Some excellent Outdoors Communicators, right here in one spot for you.



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